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telugu daily news papers
Telugu daily news papers

This is a Telugu news website, this Telugu paper will provide all the latest Telugu news,

This is a completely free Telugu news website, without any limitation in Telugu news.

Telugu news papers list. 

It is very fast and comfortable for all types of smart phones almost it will work.
  Eenadu is an Indian Telugu-language daily newspaper which is the largest circulated Telugu newspaper in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, India.

Telegu news paper online. 

Telugu newspaper website lets you read all your favorite Telugu newspapers in one place.  This Telugu news website provides the most popular newspapers in AP and TS.  Users can also read newspapers along with the web version so that you can update daily without missing important news in your area.

India is one of the largest newspaper markets in the world.  Reading about the current affairs of the world, drinking tea over a hot cup has become a common habit for Indians, irrespective of their age.

And even though technology has handled every aspect of our daily lives, newspapers are still the way most people in the country prefer to consume their news.  According to a report, around 6,700 publications and more than 26 crore copies are distributed per day, and more than 30 million copies are sold every day, making India one of the four major global newspapers in the world.

Telugu e-papers and news website list.

And looking at the literacy rate, which is getting better and better every day, things look positive for the newspaper industry.  Hindi language newspapers have the largest circulation in the country.

But publications are done in 22 scheduled languages ​​of India, and one such language is Telugu language, Registrar of newspapers of India has 18 Telugu publications registered, which is why we have decided to list top Telugu news in Telangana.  Papers in.

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