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The All Tamil language otherwise referred to as Tamil belongs to the Dravidian subgroup of the Indo-Aryan languages and is spoken by around 70 million people in Tamil Nadu, India, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia, Mauritius, and Réunion Island in the Indian Ocean; South Africa; Europe (mainly in Germany); and North America (the United States and Canada). If you want to stay up-to-date with what’s happening around you at home or abroad – or simply want to brush up on your mother tongue – you’ll need some of the best online Tamil Newspapers available today.

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1) Daily thanthi today news in Tamil paper

Thanthi today's newspaper online is one of the best newspapers for Tamil people. It has a huge amount of followers in Tamil Nadu. Daily thanthi today news paper provides us all type of breaking news, sports, politics, and entertainment. So read daily thanthi today's newspaper online and get to know about today's news that is happening around you and in your city, district,t or state. If you are looking for the latest news in the Tamil language then check out the thanthi today's website now. Many other newspapers publish daily news but only a few of them provide an online version of their newspaper. Most of them have their own websites where they publish articles from their newspaper on regular basis.

2) Dinamalar Tamil news

Dinamalar is a leading daily newspaper from Tamil Nadu, which has a strong readership and influence. It is popular for being an independent newspaper that tells its own story without any pressure from political parties. The paper was started in 1971 by Pudhumaipithan, who also served as editor-in-chief of Dinamalar until he died in 2008. His son continues to serve as the editor-in-chief. One of their most popular columnists is R. Gopalakrishnan or Gopi. He’s been writing columns since 1980 and currently serves as managing director of Dinamalar Publications Pvt Ltd.

3) Tamil newspaper dinathanthi today

Dinathanthi (or Dina Thanthi) is one of India’s most-read daily newspapers. Considered to be a sensationalist, it offers some intriguing insights into South Indian life and culture. The newspaper has an online version in addition to its print counterpart. The paper covers local news from all over India as well as world news. In addition, there are sections dedicated to sports, entertainment, and business. Several columns offer commentary on social issues or political events of note. It’s worth noting that many people consider Dinathanthi to be biased in favor of one political party over another. However, no matter what your personal politics may be, you can still get something out of reading these articles.

4) Mathrubhumi newspaper

Mathrubhumi is a leading Malayalam-language daily newspaper in Kerala, India. It was founded by a freedom fighter and social reformer M. V. Raghavan on 26 October 1930 at Ottapalam, Kerala, India. Mathrubhumi means motherland in Malayalam and it also refers to an older name for India, Bharatavarsha (Land of Bharata) in Sanskrit. It is published from nine centers in Kerala and one center each in Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, and Mumbai. The headquarters is at Kozhikode.

5) Dinasudar epaper

Dinasudar is one of the most popular online Tamil newspapers. Dinasudar epaper also has a decent website, which is regularly updated with information about upcoming events and festivals in India. The newspaper also offers comprehensive news coverage on both domestic and international issues. It’s a good source for current affairs as well as entertainment-related news. It’s also possible to subscribe to their RSS feed if you want to stay updated on your favorite stories even when you’re not logged into their site.

6) Oneindia Tamil newspaper

Oneindia is a newspaper in the Tamil language published from India and abroad. Its headquarters are located in Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu. This daily newspaper claims to be Tamil Nadu's most-read Newspaper, which is not verifiable, but it has approximately 3 million readers per day. It also publishes newspapers in Telugu and Malayalam languages. It was founded by Dr. Kalanidhi Maran on 2 November 1998 as an evening paper, then turned into a morning paper on 10 February 2000. In 2011 its circulation was 2,061,000 copies making it one of India's largest circulated newspapers at that time. It is owned by Sun TV Network Ltd., which also owns the Sun-News TV channel and Suvarna News 24x7 news channel.

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