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APDCL online payment Using apps

APDCL  Payment  Bill Online - Instant And Safe!

With our growing reliance and dependence on various systems, gadgets, and devices that run directly or indirectly on electricity, it is imperative to ensure an uninterrupted supply of electricity. Enjoy continued power use at your homes or offices by paying your bills on time. Assam smart meter brings you a safe and strong platform using which you can easily pay APDCL bills online safely, quickly, and instantly. Pay your bills on time and enjoy electricity supply without any hindrance to your home or place of work

How To Make APDCL Bill Payment Online?

It is very easy, quick, and hassle-free to make APCDL bill payment online. Download Assam smart meter app. You can pay your bills in just a few moments using our robust and completely safe platform. Here are a few simple to follow steps to ensure instant processing.

  • Open your Assam smart meter app

  • Enter your Consumer No

  • Choose your operator from the drop-down menu and enter bill amount

  • Choose payment mode and use applicable voucher code

  • Click on ‘Pay Now’ and the transaction is complete

About APDCL 

apdcl assam

The Government of Assam formed the company named APDCL i.e. Assam Power Distribution Company Limited. It was established in the year 2009-10 just after the merging/combining of three distribution agencies such as: lower, central, and upper. The APDCL helps in delivering energy to all districts and also serves about 6.02 million people in the world. It has an AI-based solution into the mobile app i.e. e-suvidha for spot billing.

However, The metre reader works by taking a snapshot of the metre, and on the other side, the app helps in calculating the reading from the image, removing the human interaction need.

Checking the Electricity Bill Online & Downloading Receipts

  • For its purpose, individuals should visit the official website of APDCL.
  • Then, secondly, just Select the option ‘Pay and recharge’ and after that click on ‘View my Electricity Bill’.
  • Now the individual has to type his/her consumer ID and also fill the captcha.
  • Individuals can see the status of their electricity bill.
  • Just Go to the “payment history”.
  • Then, the payment receipts will be displayed that an individual has paid online
  • Finally, To complete its process just Click and choose the required receipt and then the individual should select the download option. That’s it!

Process of Checking the APDCL Bill Online

Customers can check their APDCL bill online, by following these simple steps:

  1. Firstly, individuals should visit the official website of APDCL’s and just click on the option of ‘View my Electricity Bill’.
  2. Secondly, just Enter the Consumer number as well as a captcha.
  3. Finally, click the ‘Verify’ option to check the APDCL bill.

Get the Bill payment offers On Paytm

An individual can get many offers for bill payment including the cashback offers that are available only on the bill payment of Assam electricity and it can be done through the Paytm app or Individuals should use the LUCKY200 promo code to get a cashback that is up to 100% on the electricity bill payment. Individuals can also use another option i.e. FIRST on the individual’s first electricity bill payment and they can easily get the ₹25 cashback.

How To Pay the APDCL Bill payment Online At Paytm

Customers should go through the following steps to get their bill payment done through Paytm:

  1. The very first step is to fill in the Consumer Number. Customer can find their consumer number displayed on their APDCL bill.
  2. Next just click the option ‘Proceed’.
  3. Now the amount should be entered.
  4. Choose the appropriate promo code for bill payment and apply it. The customer will get cashback.
  5. Finally, Payment can be done by using any payment method.

APDCL contact number ?

Customers getting any kind of difficulty can contact customer care. Here is the complaint number through which customer can register their complaint:

  • Customer Care Number: 0361-2523916
  • Complaint Number: 0361-2739527

How can one Find their APDCL Consumer Number?

Consumer number consists of 11 or 12 digits. One can find it in the very left corner of the electricity bill. Also, it is known as the Consumer Account Number.

How to Download the Old Electricity Bill?

Customers can visit the website which allows the easy and fast download of the old APDCL electricity bill.

  • To do this, just Go to the homepage of the official website of APDCL.
  • Next, click on the option of ‘View or Pay My Bill’
  • Then the customer can go and click the option i.e. ‘Click Here to View the Electricity Bill’
  • After that On the next page, the consumer can see the ‘APDCL Consumer View Bill’.
  • Has to Enter the consumer ID.
  • At last, the customer should Enter the captcha and then verify it.

How can one load a prepaid meter?

To load the prepaid meter, customers can use the meter token. And To use this token, just go to the option of Prepaid Meter, and the customer has to open the particular unit. Next, Insert the meter smart card and the customer can enter the PIN code that s available on their token.