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If you’re looking to read up on Renaud's paper Sunday book today, then you’ve come to the right place! Eenadu is a highly circulated Telugu language daily newspaper that includes an entire section of rasi phalalu, or predictions based on the lunar calendar. Rasi phalalu are especially helpful for those who believe in astrology and want to follow the predictions made by fortune-tellers and astrologers, or those who want to make their own predictions based on their own life experiences.

Eenadu epaper sunday book
Eenadu epaper Sunday book

How to subscribe

Subscribing to eenadu newspaper is a great way to keep up with daily predictions and forecasts for all 12 rasipalas. The best part is that you can read eenadu newspaper online, at work, on a tablet, or even on your mobile phone.

How to read it online

If you want to read Eenadu but don’t have it delivered to your home or office, there are several free options. You can get a digital copy of Eenadu in English on their website or on Google Play if you have an Android phone. You can also find copies on Tapps, in case you have an iOS device. Plus, if you sign up for any one of these services, you can get access to hundreds of other newspapers from around India and beyond.

What did this week's Rasi Phala do?

This week's Rasi Phala reported that Chundari Dhanushka was inauspicious for all zodiac signs, but matched well with Mithuna and Kumbha. The Rasi Phala also reported that Ketaki and Nagabali matched well with Virgo, while Punarpoosam and Thiruvonam were auspicious for Leo.

What did Maasa Phala do?

Maasa Phala, along with her sisters and her two friends, talked about how much fun it was going to be when they grew up. We are going to get married and live in a big house in America, one said. I am going to marry a movie star, another shared.

What about the results for Lagna, Dina-Phala, Dhana Dhanasri?, etc.?

Telugu Rasi Palan is one of our most popular topics, and that’s not surprising—your horoscope is always relevant. In Telugu, it’s called Nava Graha Phala. If you want to know how many planetary influences will impact your sign next week, or in what order they’ll appear, download our latest issue (no registration required!) and read through Sunday Book – Rasi Phala for all the details.

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