What does the Telugu word suryaa mean? The word suryaa in Telugu means sun, so you can see why it’s used as the name of this popular Indian newspaper—it has been around since 1981 and will always bring you the latest news about local and international happenings. Available in print, online, and in audio format, Suryaa is one of the top Telugu newspapers in India today, with several versions including Suryaa (India), Suryaa (USA), and more being published each day.

Suryaa Newspaper

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Suryaa is a popular daily newspaper published in India. Launched in 1992, it serves as one of India’s best sources for Telugu Newspaperand analysis. Each edition contains several pages of international and national news from top sources around Asia, along with plenty of local news from across Andhra Pradesh. As one of India’s most widely read newspapers, Suryaa offers its readers a unique take on what’s happening in India and around the world.

A leading newspaper in India, Suryaa covers major stories and issues of interest to Telugu speaking people. This major English-language newspaper covers top political events and national news in addition to culture, sports, entertainment, business and finance.!